Humanitas by Brink Events

We recently worked with Aidan at Brink Events to produce a short video promoting the design of his Humanitas event, produced for the UVic department of Humanities. Aidan and his team took a plain space, an old school gym, and completely transformed it for their client. See more details at

Tableau Branded Car Shoot

Tableau Bar Bistro has this unreal car - see below - that they just finished restoring. It's decaled up with Tableau branding and colours. If you're staying at the attached Loden Hotel, you can hire the car to drive you to wherever you need in Vancouver (awesome). 

We meticulously location scouted to decide exactly how shots were going to look, planned out our routes and timing and executed on a very tight schedule. We shot 10 locations in a very short 4 hours. 

Zesty Brands - About Video

Rachelle Hynes is a lot. Her and her pooch Kula are based in Squamish BC, a perfect spot to call home for someone with such an adventurous lifestyle. She's a branding expert who works with awesome brands around the province and country. 

She wanted to showcase the life that she lives in an "about page" kind of form, but without the standard 2-3 paragraph awkwardly written 3rd person spiel and a couple headshots. Being in marketing she needed something that stood out. 

Rachelle and I sat down over several coffees and nailed out what the video needed to say and show. 

Zesty Brands Storyboarding Meeting.jpg

She wanted to release the project on a very tight timeline for so many shots, but I was between other projects so we got to shooting right away.

She needed the video to be future proof, so that it could stand out for at least a couple of years, so we shot everything in 4K, primarily on a Sony FS5 and Atomos Shogun Inferno and edited everything in the Adobe Suite.

Full production of the video from storyboard to release was just over a week. 

See her work at