Creator | Adventurer | Entrepreneur

The travel bug is real. And I've got it. I spend as much time on the road as I can, working with brands and organizations all over the place to produce content for advertising, social and print uses. My primary focus is in the adventure and tourism industries,  which allows me to share my love for the outdoors with a lot of amazing people and to (hopefully) inspire others to get outside as well. 

I put my clients first and work hard to obtain the images and videos that they need, no matter the situation - whether that's in the middle of nowhere working on my own in the woods, or running a multi person shoot on tight deadlines to hit release dates for product launches. Collaboration is key, and all of my clients are worked WITH, not just for. 

Please feel free to contact me with any projects you've got in mind, I'm always happy to contribute my thoughts and to help build your idea into something that you can be proud show to the world.